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Flexible solutions, functionality and modern design.
Several decades of experience have allowed us to develop solutions that meet the expectations of today's very demanding market. Consistent development, investments in technology and the best raw materials guarantee our customers and partners the ultimate quality of implementation.  

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Interior displays
The glass store window serves as an element of the brand image and communication strategy. It is also a way to stand out from the neighboring brands in shopping malls. Our solutions are characterized by unique design, functionality and quality.
Rolling grilles
Rolling grilles are an integral part of shop display windows. It is a practical and functional solution that protects against intrusion of uninvited guests. In addition to the safety function, robust design, ease of everyday use and aesthetics are also important.

Railings not only protect stairs, terraces and other architectural elements, but also are an extremely stylish piece of every arrangement. Sometimes in the main role and sometimes as a harmonious addition to the space. We carry out projects in a comprehensive manner – from design to production to installation.
Glass partition walls
Glass partition walls are a perfect solution for shaping office, hotel or retail space in a flexible way. On the one hand, we gain intimacy without sacrificing daylight within the premises and, on the other hand, we maintain the character of an open, spacious interior.
Loft units with doors
Glass doors and loft walls perfectly fit into the arrangement of industrial and modern interiors. The intricate design of steel profiles, muntin bars and glass combined with proven technical solutions gives unlimited possibilities of arrangement.
Soundproof glass partition walls
Soundproof glass partition walls are a desirable solution for modern office interiors. Interiors separated in this way ensure a high level of sound insulation while maintaining their open nature and daylight supply.
Glass fire walls
An all-glass fire wall is a combination of modern design and fire safety. We use a mullion-free system with no visible vertical profiles separating the individual wall modules while maintaining its full fire resistance.
Fold and slide door systems
Fold and slide door systems are an innovative solution that combines the advantages of both sliding and swing doors. In systems of this type, the door leaves can be folded and at the same time moved sideways, so that they do not take the interior space.
Glass facades
Glass facades of commercial buildings, shopping malls and office buildings have become a permanent part of the landscape of big cities. A complete glazing of the building offers countless design and arrangement possibilities while maintaining all the required safety standards.
Nasz nowoczesny park maszynowy, ekspercka wiedza techniczna, znajomość aktualnych trendów rynkowych połączone z wieloletnim doświadczeniem daje JUSTART niemal nieograniczone możliwości wykonawcze.
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We have been cooperating with Justart for many years in the area of installing roller blinds and glass displays in our retail outlets across Poland. We can always rely on their flexible approach to implementing new design concepts, as well as professional technical guidance and timely delivery.

Anna Jankowska
CALZ Polska

We really appreciate the cooperation with Justart. Together we have implemented hundreds of projects and we look forward to working with Justart on other undertakings in future.

Jan Oko
Apsys Group

We have been cooperating with Justart for a few years and the cooperation has been exemplary. We value Justart for its know-how, extensive experience in project implementation, reliability, and timeliness. Such partners enable us to meet the expectations of even the most demanding tenants.

Monika Cecot
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From design to production to installation. Flexible, functional solutions, modern design.
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